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Praxis Consulta MB, started as a consulting boutique and has evolved into a hub assisting clients in entering global markets, including Amazon.


This strategic move led to the establishment of MAAUVI, a spinoff dedicated to all aspects of the Amazon marketplace. Headquartered in Lithuania, Praxis Consulta MB operates with a diverse team spanning Europe, the US, Latin America, and Asia.

The company specializes in eko/bio and health-focused products that align with sustainability goals and aims to work with brands devoted to practices such as minimal packaging, innovative and environmentally friendly products, and partnership-based collaborations.

Member of Vilnius Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts, the company has also been certified as "Strongest in Lithuania".

Registered in Lithuanian, code 305199153, VAT LT100012489712.

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Our Services

Functionality You Will Love



We partner with exclusive brands and esteemed manufacturers to distribute their premium goods across the European Union. Our range boasts a selection of high-quality, eco-friendly products such as snacks, energy bars, cleaning supplies, dietary supplements, and household essentials.



Our consulting service specialises in facilitating seamless expansions into new regions, such as the promising Balkans market. We provide expert guidance on determining the optimal trade routes for your products, developing strategic packaging and labels, and navigating local regulations with ease. Let us pave the way for your success as you venture into new territories.


Creative and Copywriting 

We are able to create marketing materials and collaterals tailored for Amazon and various other e-commerce platforms. Our capacity extends to providing multilingual functionality, which enables you to connect with diverse audiences across different countries. This unique capability can be leveraged to enhance your outreach and expand your business globally.


Private Label

We expedite private label product creation across a wide range of categories, including food supplements and pet food. Our dedicated team of experts is committed to enhancing your current product offering with well tested products. Contact us today to explore the future of product development.

I didn’t have time to write you a short letter, so I wrote you a long one. -Mark Twain


We have spent years building and testing the best practices across different industries to come up with systematic and clear instructions so you could have time!

Message from the CEO

"During my versatile sales experience in the Middle East, and Africa and Asia, I have repeatedly took NYSE, FTSE100, as well as HKEX listed corporates from less than a million to 3 to 5 million USD in revenue in less than three years. 

There results were good but there was something missing. I felt that there is so much more that can be done in all those countries I worked.

This has motivated me to step outside the comfort of the corporate world and assist companies eager to enter the foreign markets.

The first clients were from the US, California and that has set a good pace of how this young business should be run. 

I have managed to adapt the corporate level business practices on a small scale and assist numerous companies with expansion in Asia, France, Greece, the UK and many other countries.

I have experience solving challenges of companies in various industries, especially when it comes to making the growing business scale.

With handful of partners across continents now I can say we have not only Know-How but also strong connections to make Your business a success!"

Audrius Kazlauskas, Praxis Consulta CEO,
Co-Founder of MAAUVI, experts in Amazon marketplace store recovery, set-up, optimisation and management.

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