He who has the information rules the


Outsource your business development to us and focus on perfecting your product/service

Market potential analysis with lead generation and interviews

Sales and Business Development training to shoot for the Moon!


Need an advise on sales and business development in Asia, the Middle East, Latin Americas or Europe?


WE HAVE conducted meetings in over 46 countries 


WON business in OVER 70 countries remotely

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Supporting local and international corporates in Solar PV, Aviation, Shipping, Automotive, Oil and Gas, IT and other industries.

With our members in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Latin Americas, our task is to find the best way to connect you to your client and forge strategic partnership.



"..I can describe him as a perfect person to “break the ice” in business development. His approach to new markets brings fast results and creates a long-term value for the whole company. Audrius is a skilful negotiator with wide range of sales competencies. His networking abilities were expanding our customer portfolio much faster than we could expect. It was great to witness his successes and it was great to learn from him."

Vladislav Kežun

VP Customer Support
FL Technics Asia