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Why SMB Companies and Start-ups Struggle with Sales

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

If sales are unpredictable, that negatively affects R&D, expansion, employee morale, and company value.

Why SMB Companies and Start-ups Struggle with Sales

For many company leaders, sales is a mystery. It's a black box where leads go in the top, and magically, some things come out the bottom. They don't understand how it works or why it doesn't. It's utter chaos that is neither manageable nor predictable. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Most companies have processes around every part of the organisation except sales. Once the sales organisation has a structure with strategy, process, and systems, it becomes manageable and predictable.

Sales Operating System helps to take out chaos out of your Sales System
Taking chaos out of your sales

Why you need an Re: Sales Operating System

A Sales Operating System is the strategies, frameworks, and processes used to manage and grow an effective sales organisation. With an Re: Sales Operating System in place, a leader can not only understand what is happening, manage the team, and predict the outcomes, but they can also add new team members without adding chaos. It is the foundation that enables a company to scale sales and produce predictable, reliable revenue.

Why you need a sales strategy

Most companies either pull sales goals out of thin air or pick a percentage growth over the last year. In either case, it is rarely based on experience or knowledge of the market. This mythical number is handed to the sales team as their new sales goal. The team then does exactly what they did last year and hopes to get a better result. Forty percent of sellers never hit those goals.

Successful companies build sales strategies that include critical sales components like an ideal customer profile, precise positioning, and a value proposition. It also requires understanding what has worked in the past and what is changing in the marketplace. With that, you can create an achievable sales strategy.

A sales strategy is a detailed plan to achieve sales goals broken down into understandable and achievable components and supported with the appropriate resources.

Why do you Need a Sales Process?

A sales process is the path a seller follows to close a deal. It is built around the customer's buying process and designed to support the seller from prospecting through close. A good sales process includes questions, actions, gates, and collateral. Once designed into the CRM, it can be used to manage progress toward individual sales and company goals.

How are we different than other sales consultants?

Most sales consultants can tell you that they help you increase sales. What they can't say is that they will help you build the organisational infrastructure to continue to grow or even scale your sales. We help companies build their sales organisations from the ground up or redesign sales organisations that aren't delivering.

How Regarding Sales, LLC Works with Clients

We work with leadership to build and reinforce the strategies, processes, and systems needed to grow. Once designed, we can coach and train to make those systems more effective.

Re: Sales Operating System™️ can help to take the chaos out of sales and turn goals into a dream come true.

Four pillars of Sales Operating System
Sales Operating System consist of four pillars: Strategy, Systems, Management and Assessment

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The Re: Sales Operating System was developed by Liz Heiman (USA), founder of Regarding Sales, LLC, and former director of the APAC division of Miller Heiman, Inc. (now Korn Ferry). With over 30 years of Sales Consulting experience, she is a known Sales Strategist and has worked with Fortune 500 companies, including HP and Coca-Cola Asia Pacific.

Audrius Kazlauskas represents Regarding Sales, LLC in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Audrius repeatedly took NYSE, FTSE100, as well as HKEX listed companies from less than a million to 3 to 5 million USD in revenue in less than three years. He has experience solving challenges of companies in Aviation, Banking and Finance, Renewables, IT, and other industries.

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