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"..He (Audrius) has always hit his numbers and throughout the years he developed solid and professional relationships with his customers. He is driven and always so positive, ready to help others, a great inspiration to everyone who knows him.."

Frederic Jubin - Sales Director Fitch Solutions, London, UK

"Audrius is an action & solution oriented sales manager. He knows what he is selling and very well knows how to sell it. Once you meet, he knows about you and listens to you.
Audrius can predict your needs & offers solutions even before you ask for.
He has a positive way of approach and he is always in touch in order to provide best service."

Levent Sadik Kucukdaban - Country Advisor at Investment Office of the Presidency of Turkey

"..Audrius did an excellent job at FL TECHNICS developing MEA and AP regions from scratch. Due to his professional approach, we entered these markets and added more than 100 new customers to our portfolio, the customers who now generate millions of sales. Audrius has extremely strong analytical skills in research, working with big data, identifying what is necessary, providing an exact systematic plan to reach a goal. He is a true leader, result orientated and very proactive in dealing with problems.
Audrius works to the very highest standards and with true professionalism. He knows how to approach decision makers and has numerous high-level contacts.."

Margarita Deveikyte - Head of Sales FL Technics MRO, Europe and Asia

"..I can describe him as a perfect person to “break the ice” in business development. His approach to new markets brings fast results and creates a long-term value for the whole company. Audrius is a skilful negotiator with wide range of sales competencies. His networking abilities were expanding our customer portfolio much faster than we could expect. It was great to witness his successes and it was great to learn from him."

Vladislav Kežun - VP Customer Support FL Technics Asia

"Audrius was a key turning point in my career and has left a "winning mindset" in me.
..I told him "I am a designer, how can I sell!" He managed to make me realise my natural strengths and how I could really help companies in achieving success for their events, and becoming successful myself! 

..He guided me through my first cold calling, follow ups, negotiation and proposal prep and I won Cartier as my first deal ever!

..I would recommend Audrius' coaching to anyone willing to discover their hidden talents and blossom."

Cécile Babour - Human eXperience Consultant, Tata Consultancy Services, London, UK

"Audrius is full of positive energy, ideas and very charismatic person; result driven, fast learner of new markets and products. I admire his passion and drive to perform both as a specialist as well as a person. Always motivated, always an optimist."

Juste Alisauskaite - CEO Detra Solar, Lithuania

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