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Stop Squirreling Around: How Fulfilment Can Save You Money on Shipping Costs!

Small orders vs bulk

With increasing number of orders you may feel like trying to transport a bunch of squirrels in a wheelbarrow.

You'll be chasing them around and struggling to keep up. This can be devastating and .. expensive.

To make life easier, check third party fulfilment options.

Then it feels like having a team of well-trained squirrels who know exactly what they're doing with a little or no effort from your side. Wouldn't that be great?

A fulfilment centre will handle everything for you:

  • You ship a pallet of goods,

  • They will check and store

  • Repack

  • Add protection

  • Stick on the right label

  • Mix & match if required, and

  • DELIVER to your end client fast.

In essence it is like selling wholesale to B2C - a real 'Eureca' moment (that is why we love it too) !

Fulfilment centres are reliable and much cheaper than doing it all by yourself. They procure packing materials and have their own couriers, even cargo airlines.

If Amazon FBA service is selected, your products will be also listed as Prime-eligible, increasing visibility to customers who want fast and reliable shipping.

Important to note

Talking about Amazon, this may sound counter intuitive, but you can also use Amazon FBA outside Amazon marketplace.

Just imagine: your client in Spain places an order on YOUR own web-store.

Instead of packing, selecting the right courier and etc, you simply ship out reliably and fast and cheap from your (well Amazon actually) warehouses in Spain!

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