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Case study - Opening Asian market - Aviation company

Updated: Dec 4, 2022


FL Technics is an international aircraft MRO, trading components and materials globally from their offices in Vilnius.

To better serve their clients and boost their client portfolio the company decided to look for alternative markets.


Without a strong local representative and having people "on the ground" for components and materials, the company was loosing revenue to its global competitors.


Understanding client requirements in Asia, the culture, open communication, local regulations were key to the successful expansion in the region.

Audrius (of Praxis Consulta) has taken a role of a Regional Manager/VP Business Development. Even before relocating to Bangkok, he carefully analysed the market, figured out FL Technics USP and, despite vast cultural diversity and language differences, managed to reach out to the key buyers in Airlines and MROs in: Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, The Philippines, Taiwan, Cambodia, Lao, Vietnam, S. Korea and China.

Some unorthodox decision had to be done too. Organising a famous Lithuanian photographer Marius Jovaisa exhibition "Unseen Lithuania" in Bangkok.

By collaborating with Mr Hossein Farmani, a philanthropist and founder and president of the Lucie Awards in New York City has opened this doors of his art gallery in Bangkok.

The opening ceremony has been attended by Lithuanian ambassador Ms Ina Marciulionyte as well as received support from Ms Nualphan Lamsam Honorary Consul in Thailand.


During his 3 year appointment, Audrius has created and executed a step by step plan.

It has resulted in extensive business leads and helped FL Technics to become a domestic name in Asia.

New clients helped not only to quadruple the revenues but also grow the team in Bangkok and support team in Vilnius.

In addition to that Lithuanian name received wide recognition. This was also thanks to Mr Jovaisa who has generously to agreed to donate his pictures.


"..Audrius did an excellent job at FL TECHNICS developing MEA and AP regions from scratch. Due to his professional approach, we entered these markets and added more than 100 new customers to our portfolio, the customers who now generate millions of sales. Audrius has extremely strong analytical skills in research, working with big data, identifying what is necessary, providing an exact systematic plan to reach a goal. He is a true leader, result orientated and very proactive in dealing with problems.

Audrius works to the very highest standards and with true professionalism. He knows how to approach decision makers and has numerous high-level contacts.."

Margarita Deveikyte

Head of Sales FL Technics MRO, Europe and Asia

"..I can describe him as a perfect person to “break the ice” in business development. His approach to new markets brings fast results and creates a long-term value for the whole company. Audrius is a skilful negotiator with wide range of sales competencies. His networking abilities were expanding our customer portfolio much faster than we could expect. It was great to witness his successes and it was great to learn from him."

Vladislav Kežun

VP Customer Support FL Technics Asia


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