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How to Close a Deal in 7 Steps? - Mini Course with tips and tricks to win and retain a client

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Finally, our Sales and Business Development crash course is now online on YouTube!

I have to admit it was not easy: learning to video myself, become better in editing, and also simmering down all that course material - a lot of mental battles had to fought and won to get to this point.

The course was designed around the topics that I normally cover whilst working with the client or teaching my colleagues and students.

The aim is to furnish someone who is just starting or bring additional tools to the one who is experienced in sales and is seeking to add even more tools to their skillset.

Examples and templates (available in a PDF Workbook - request yours in a comments bellow), that stood the test of the time, will ensure the person will have key elements to BUILD and PERFECT their own strong sales pitch and WIN the deals in the most efficient manner!

Over the last 15 years the techniques taught here, together with the Live Simulations, have helped me as well as people I trained to win and retain clients in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Americas.

The tools have helped to forge strong win-win connection and bring millions in sales from the organisations counting the largest airlines, aircraft maintenance, energy companies, as well as financial clients, including the very first bank in the world in Italy.

Hope you enjoy it!

All comments private and public, are highly valuable and welcome.

Thank you,


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