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High Frequency Business Training

Empower your business and raise your frequency through transformative training sessions.


Book an introductory session to learn more. The course starts from 3 sessions as described below to elevate your business experience.


What is High Frequency Business?

When you are in the “zone” you feel how you affect everything around you, you end up in a right place at a right time, you meet right people, manage to bring business home, you literally are unstoppable, isn't it so?

The higher the frequency we hold, the higher frequency events we attract. 

The higher the frequency the business has, the happier the employees, clients and investors! The lower the frequency, … well you got the point.

Same as people the Business is subject to various energies, however it is largely affected by the Owners, main Shareholders and Managers.

There is no need to wait for high employee turnover, loss of key accounts or low satisfaction ratio to act. Let’s start together now and learn to "see" with the whole body!


Unlocking Your Superpowers

What to Expect during initial 3 session course?

01 Energy Awareness

Your Composition

Understand how your surroundings impact your frequency. Gain awareness of the influence of different forms of energy on your structure.

Practice: Initiating

Guided steps to help you tune into the energy around you, aligning yourself with higher frequencies for an enhanced business experience.

02 Intuition Enhancement

Higher Frequency Options

Explore your choices and how they influence your business choices and relationships.

Practice: Freeing the Mind

Embrace the freedom to make decisions outside the rational mind, express and cultivate a wholistic approach to business interactions.

03 Business Connections

Transforming Business Connections

Learn to attract and engage with business partners and clients that align with higher frequencies, leading to business growth and prosperity.

Practice: Business Intuition

Training to make effective and intuitive business decisions by using your own internal guidance system.


Key Benefits of raising your frequency in Business

Take your business and life into your hands

Increased Awareness

Enhance your understanding of the energy around you for improved business decision-making.

Business Impact

Grow your business based on your Inner Calling

Transformed Connections

Attract positive connections and opportunities.

Effortless Habits

Positive shift in your daily routines that cultivate healthy habits leading to transformation.

Stand In Your Power

Empower yourself with trustworthy decision-making process 

Improved Health

Impact your health and relationships by connecting to higher frequency experiences.


My name is Audrius

In 2008 I have mastered the power of recharging the body by Channeling energy and later I have noticed the healing properties what a focused mind can do to the body both in close contact and remotely.

I have spent over 20 years exhausting myself through series of personal and business challenges, actively TESTING my intuition. It guided me to connect with right people at the right time and also win large business deals. However, I also felt there is much more to it.

During that time I have been knocked over many times only to learn to trust what I feel.

Now I FEEL a strong calling to contribute to increase the awareness related to what High Frequency Business is. Thus, my mission is to offer business consulting on this topic.

During the sessions I "connect" to the client and then, start the sessions on what we are meant to do in that instance.

Each session is unique, each client is different, however the target is the same - to assist in raising the personal and consequently business frequency that in results aligns with better business opportunities, health, effortless relationships and prosperity.


Audrius Kazlauskas




+37064066777 / +40 (745) 094 902


Online meeting

2024, Praxis Consulta MB, Lithuania - Romania

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