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Is your product or idea Amazon ready?

Roughly four times bigger than eBay, at 4,81B visits/month, Amazon is the world's largest marketplace.

Dear Amazon Store Owners and Investors,


If you're in the market for a reputable Amazon boutique company that offers avant-garde solutions and steadfast business practices for your online store, allow us to introduce you to Maauvi.

Maauvi staff comprises of senior level professionals having 9-15 years each in managing Amazon, eBay, Walmart businesses as well developing corporate business internationally in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the UK and the US.

We fully manage your Account on Amazon from A to Z as well as offer new products for Amazon based on your company profile.


As an adept Amazon store management company, we specialise in healthcare, food replacement, supplements, energy bars, and snacks, cosmetics among others. Moreover, our expertise extends beyond these sectors.


We pride ourselves on offering a holistic array of services guaranteed to assist you every step of the way, from product inception to the launching of your own eCommerce enterprise on Amazon.


As a Maauvi client, you can expect the following services, among many others:


✔ Thorough research, feasibility study, and competitor analysis

✔ Assistance with VAT opening and filling

✔ Product reviews, design, and translation

✔ Efficient logistics and warehousing: Amazon FBA / FBM

✔ Product listing and management

✔ SEO, keyword and listing optimisation

✔ Advertising management


Our team of experts can ensure that your products are listed accurately, receive glowing reviews, and draw organic traffic, ensuring your store's success. To schedule a call and learn how Maauvi can help propel your Amazon store to success, click the link today!

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Praxis Consulta MB, headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania

Member of Vilnius Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts [22-162]
Registration code 305199153, VAT LT100012489712 

Maauvi MB, headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania
Maauvi is a Praxis Consulta company.

Registration code 306326276, VAT LT100015998215 


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