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Welcome to the
Old Town Tea Studio

Looking what to do in Vilnius this evening?
Why not to indulge your taste buds and unwind to a Taiwanese tea tasting ceremony, stories and some cozy vinyl music?

I am your host Audrius. Over the last 15 years, I have lived in the UK, UAE, Oman, Thailand and travelled the planet tasting teas.
All this just to discover that the biggest journey is within...and it most enjoyable with a good company and a proper cuppa!
I love tea, different kinds of tea.

During this Vilnius experience we will discover the taste of Taiwan and maybe also Lithuanian teas, fall in love or remember something forgotten from Alishan mt in Taiwan, cozy Seoul tea houses or other corner of the world...

To keep things relaxed, we will have max 6 participants.

The studio is located in the very heart of Vilnius Old Town, near Cathedral Square, Vilnius University and Presidential Palace with an easy access to galleries, restaurants, bars and other activities!

No matter what weather Vilnius will greet you with, the Old Town Tea Studio is here for you!

Reservations on AirBnB Experience [Link]

Address: Totoriu st 32, Vilnius, Lithuania [map]

Phone: +37064066777



Tea from Taiwan

Discover the warmth of a far away island

One day I just got hooked

A taste that I could not forget... Coming back to the same tea house in a cozy Jiufen town, situated East of Taipei... experiencing it all over again was a dream come true. Little did I know that no matter how many times I taste Taiwanese tea, I keep on returning to it again and again. Finally, I am happy to being able to offer you some of my favourite Taiwanese teas that I have selected and am importing directly from Taiwan:

Tie Guan Yin (Iron Buddha)
A tea rich in antioxidants, helps to improve your skin, contains L-Theanine assisting to release stress. It also is conductive to weight reduction. With a stronger roast and nutty character it is well recognised worldwide.

High Mountain Oolong
This tea is slowly grown at an altitude of 1600-2200 m (5000- 7000 ft) above the sea level. The temperature difference between the day & night can be around 30℃ (86℉). This has rendered thicker, less bitter and higher quality produce..

Pouchong Tea (Baozhong)
Lightly fermented oolong, twist shape is harvested by hand once a year in spring. Should I see something more? This high quality tea has floral notes is in between oolong and green tea. Some say it smells of orchids...What will you recognise?

Oriental Beauty (Dongfang meiren, Baihao or White tip oolong)
Harvested once a year in spring/summer, dried in the sun, the tea is heavily oxidised, non-roasted. Has a distinctive fruity flavour. It is a flagship Taiwanese tea.

Taiwanese Black tea
Taiwan hasn't got many black tea varieties, but what it has is something different. A  deep, very gentle and sweet taste. Taiwanese Black combines a taste of high-quality black teas and delicate oolong (of course, you could have guessed that!).


Local teas

There are many kind of herbs our ancestors used as tea for health benefits

Lithuanian natural tea

It is only after visiting a tea room in S. Korea where I couldn't get any regular tea-leaf I understood...


A natural herb infusion prepared with care can be so much more. They bring us health, are great beverage and yes, we can call it tea too!

Limited availability, sourcing from a private fields.



Because it is always time for a good cup of tea

Booking your tea degustation experience

The tea studio operates by appointment only. 
Check availability and reserve on AirBnB Experiences
Available for an individual or groups of 2-6 people max.

Experience duration is approx 1.5-2h.

To enquire or book email or call, text / whatsapp +37064066777



At the heart of Vilnius

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