​Would it be great to increase SALES and/or your Team performance in the most efficient way? 

What if I told you that we have a method to help you acquire skills and actually START using them SUCCESSFULLY from day 1 and it doesn't take 10,000 hours?

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As Gartner research found that, 70% of what B2B sales rep learns is forgotten within a week of training and 87% of teachings disappears within a month.

The key to a successful learning is  - personalisation.  It can be achieved working individually One on One or with AI as research suggest. 

Companies are literally wasting money and employee time (which is also money) on products and services that have only 13% of value. Is there a better?

Conventional training might be necessary, but by all means it is not efficient or enough for the current day sales.

Praxis (from Ancient Greek) is the process by which a theory, lesson, or skill is enacted, embodied, or realised. - Wikipedia.


Praxis Consulta, therefore utilises the latest neuroplasticity, cognitive and social learning principles to maintain and even increase the knowledge within the company. We do use IT to minimise the delivery costs, but we feel that human touch is highly important especially in coaching another human. 


Have you ever been to a sports physician who actually wanted to fix you for the gig? That is our mission and motivation. Our international Team is here to get you going in no time!

What would it mean to you if by using the tested methods you would boost your confidence and eradicate your fear of calling/client facing meetings and will be able to close more deals more efficiently?​


The methods which we are teaching here have helped me personally, and other people with absolutely no sales experience to sell event to most sophisticated companies

The very same methods help to boost self-confidence and, above all, bring that passion of achieving greatness back into the life! 

Who doesn't need a little bit of help with that from time to time?



“The Best way to predict your Future is to create it.”


Cecile was one of the first who was given the training completely online. She did not have prior sales  experience, however she nailed it down in the matter of weeks!

Would you like to learn more on the techniques she used?


Simulation sessions is like a cherry on a cake, they are highly important to master the skills. We will use it to combine the knowledge from the Mini Course with specific tools from your Workbook adapted to your niche and "record" them by practicing a real life situations.

Different from the role-play where people tend to recite, Simulation does not require anything to memorise, instead we are using cognitive learning to make sure you will be able to overcome not only objections but also various fears such as fear of calling as well as address other challenges that may come up during the session.

All that will be done LIVE with you ONE ON ONE.

At the beginning we will take it slow, however, I am very confident that by the end of the session you will have main points mastered. 


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Simulation Session package offers:

If you are looking for a single session only, click
here  and select "Book a session" at a checkout.

"..I can describe him as a perfect person to “break the ice” in business development. His approach to new markets brings fast results and creates a long-term value for the whole company. Audrius is a skilful negotiator with wide range of sales competencies. His networking abilities were expanding our customer portfolio much faster than we could expect. It was great to witness his successes and it was great to learn from him."

Vladislav Kežun

VP Customer Support
FL Technics Asia



I am so confident in the method and that we can take you to the next level, that I am prepared to give a complete 30 day money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied even after the SIMULATION! The team and I are simply, are very excited to see you becoming even more successful than you are!


That is actually the main motivators for me to run this course with Simulations.

Does that sound fair?


If you feel you tend to procrastinate, have a fear of calling or falling behind your KPIs, or simply know you can do much better at work and in life check out the below Q&A or simply click "Schedule a call" our staff will be happy to assist you.

Remember, you will learn not only how to go form Building a Rapport, Questioning and Needs Matching all the way to Closing a Deal, but we provide you examples and give you templates and above all - we will practice LIVE online.


We will conduct a 60 minutes LIVE One-on-One Simulation sessions, to ensure you practice and perfect your SALES PITCH, NEEDS FINDING, OBJECTION HANDLING, DEAL CLOSING techniques and more!



SIGN UP and supercharge your career by being guided to mastering the skills!

I am absolutely positive that our technique and skills help to overcome your own challenges and build the habits for your OWN success!


QUESTION: I am just a beginner, it looks quite complicated. Should I join?

- If you are just a beginner in sales, this is where you will get the principal and tested know-how, and we can use the One-on-One to take you up to speed and get you going in a fraction of time! 

QUESTION: I am in Sales for over 5 years, what's in it for me?

- Same as basketball players who come back to the basics and keep on practicing from 2 or 3 points daily to be by a fraction better, the same is with professional sales people.

The more pro you are the slower you will improve. Here were condensed 15 years of trusted know-how, needs analysis, objection handling, pre-closing and other questions in the video and the workbook for professionals to review their techniques and upgrade their tools, and also for those who are just starting to have strong foundation.

QUESTION: How long does it take?

- a single 60 minute ONE-ON-ONE Simulation session takes ... 60 minutes! So in essence with your chosen package you have access to ONE-ON-ONE sessions that we will structure as a programme to perfect each part of your business development work you do with a client. I will do my best to provide you SHORTCUTS and tips so you save your time and be as much effective as possible!

QUESTION: Do I need to study the course workbook?

-It does contain templates and examples, therefore to have full view on the topics discussed, it is highly recommended to review them. We will be able to discuss them during the ONE-ON-ONE Simulation in more detail.

QUESTION: Do I need to prepare for ONE-ON-ONE Simulation?

-What you need to do is to view the course and check the workbook, no prior experience is required.

QUESTION: When can I book my ONE-ON-ONE Simulation?

-You can book it any time after signing up, depending on our availability in the calendar.

QUESTION: How do I join?

-Choose the package, sign up and you are in!

QUESTION: Can I pay by card or PayPal?

-Certainly! We accept both payment methods for your convenience.

QUESTION: Can I pay from my Company? 

-Yes, however please email us on and we will issue an Invoice for your accounting.

QUESTION: Where are you located?

-Our HQ is in Vilnius, Lithuania (EU), however we have representatives in Malaysia, Qatar and Argentina.

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VAT: LT100012489712
Registration address: Savanoriu ave. 349, LT-51480, Kaunas

Postal address: Vokieciu st. 18a, LT-01130, Vilnius

Lithuania, European Union

QUESTION: What do I need to do after I join?

- all is very simple: go to Online Courses in the Members area (top right corner) area and click BOOK NOW!

QUESTION: You have SILVER and GOLD options, what is the difference?

-Quite simple, GOLD actually provide more hours of ONE-ON-ONE SIMULATIONS so you can practice and make it perfect.

 You can distribute your ONE-ON-ONEs anytime during the next few months and get the most of it!

If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


With passion for success,

Audrius Kazlauskas

2021 June