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We are the Strongest in Lithuania

What a ride! From the inception nearly 5 years ago to where we are now... Being hit by COVID for better or worse, we have been nominated and now are officially certified as the strongest in Lithuania!

All that came not without a challenge: new business model, rewiring what works and making it work better, changing to what did not fly and finding the next big thing.

For us it was Amazon marketplace. It was the only missing link that allowed us to propel our clients to the next level and helped us to become bigger, better and stronger!

Thanks for everyone being on this journey with us. Thanks also to the ones with whom we had to split the ways. It was hard, it was sad, there were tears but it was necessary. We learned our lessons too.

Now we are even more agile, even more hungry and even more intuitive when it comes to running businesses internationally.

With our teams and client base expanding, we continue to run a flat organisation, prioritising our partners and partnerships.

With best wishes,

Audrius Kazlauskas

Praxis Consulta CEO , MAAUVI co-founder and CEO

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