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Sharing our knowledge accumulated over 15 years of international business development, representing multibillion London, New York and Hong Kong stock exchange listed corporates. Meeting C-level executives, purchase managers and other influential decision makers, helped to develop strong system and routine leading to success, which we will discuss in more detail:


Best practices from the Global Markets

  • ​Workflow optimisation - redundant task removal, building a Sales Standard/Guidelines

  • Sales pitch - adapting to foreign markets and streamlining

  • Building an efficient process

  • Sales tools and set up

  • Advanced Lead generation tools

  • Sales Automation

  • Using Sales Force - best practices


Improve self confidence and sales performance through live simulations.

Fundaments to practice Simulations within the Team. 

  • What are your "show-stoppers"? 

  • Cold Calling - overcoming inner obstacles, improving call techniques

  • Objection Handling - be ready to handle even most challenging objections

  • Pre-Closing - clarify clients need and ensure they are no hidden objections

  • Closing - make the most of each call/meeting by adding more tools and closing techniques


Learning to sell efficiently and understand sales process in detail. Master sales in 8-10 sessions.

Sales and Business Development for the ones who want to improve their skills or even who never sold.

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  • Sales process from introduction, need analysis questions, objection handling, pre-closing to closing

  • Pipeline and Budgeting

  • Efficient CRM usage

  • Sales Strategy

  • DISC people profiling

  • SPIN sales principles

  • Conducting a Market Research and Lead Generation

  • Email Templates

  • Discount strategy

  • Sales automation tools

  • Requesting Testimonials

  • Sales Simulation - overcome your inner obstacles and client objections



The training helps to build self-confidence and understand the processes of becoming more efficient and robust in any situation:

  • Identify and eliminate the obstacles 

  • Use the time more efficiently for sales activities

  • Build self-confidence 

  • Develop self-awareness and emotional intelligence

  • Have more constructive and more natural conversations with clients


Part 1: Focus 

  • IKIGAI at work – why do I jump up in the morning?

  • Clarify what makes your success happen

  • Overcoming distractions

  • Where you are now and where you want to be

  • What you can Control, Influence and Affect

  • Urgent vs Import 

  • Efficient time planning

  • Staying in focus for deep work

  • Mental Self-check-up exercise


Part 2: Resilience

  • What does “NO” mean and how to react

  • Dealing with Learned helplessness (permanent, personal, or pervasive) 

  • Getting that monkey mind under control

  • Overcoming objections with Simulations

  • Resilience exercise

  • Training the Sympathetic Nervous System

  • Importance of MOAI groups at work


Debt Collection to retain your business practices

From concept to analysing specific cases. When it is worth proceeding with legal in Asia, Europe or etc. Strategies to bring the funds back and maintain the business with the client.


  • Risk management for the international markets

  • Multiple sectors covered

  • Debt collection strategy

  • Preparing a Legal Case

  • Legal Case examples

  • Taking a company to court

Cecile was one of the first students who was given the training completely online, even before the pandemics.

She did not have any prior sales experience, however she nailed it down in the matter of weeks. What a great achiever!

Would you like to learn more on the techniques she learned to sell to her clients?

"..I can describe him as a perfect person to “break the ice” in business development. His approach to new markets brings fast results and creates a long-term value for the whole company. Audrius is a skilful negotiator with wide range of sales competencies. His networking abilities were expanding our customer portfolio much faster than we could expect. It was great to witness his successes and it was great to learn from him."

Vladislav Kežun

VP Customer Support
FL Technics Asia