I didn’t have time to write you a short letter, so I wrote you a long one.
-Mark Twain


We have spent 15 years testing the best practices all around the world so you could make time.


  • Are you keen to grow your revenues by 470% or more*? 

  • Do you want a team that understands both Start-UP as well as LSE, NYSE, HKSE listed corporate needs?

  • Would you welcome highly skilled target achievers** to develop your Business?

We have repeatedly helped companies to grow from $400-$700k a year to over $4MM*.

We also help to uncover New Markets and advise on product R&D.

But, above all - we save time.

Yes, to reach your goals we may do some or all the heavy lifting for you. And that is absolutely fine. You focus on perfecting your product, we bring in International Know-How to sell it.

*Based on past performance. Future results depend on product/service, involvement and market conditions

**Best employee of Avia Solutions Group, 2017

**Reed Business Information Search Target achiever 2006-2010.

**Data Publishers Association award winner in 2007 - Sales Team of the Year (Bankersalmanac-Accuity).

**Reed Business Information awards winner - Resolute in achieving targets and showing exemplary fortitude.




  • A need to focus on product R&D or manufacturing, however not enough resources to manage sales

  • Require a professional to talk to their clientele and find out their real needs to drive product development

  • Are ambitious to enter the New Markets by adequately tackling C level professionals

  • Require flexibility to increase / decrease their sales force

  • Need to have a functional team from day 1 with little to no time spent on processes

  • Want to save costs on HR: executive search, motivation, compensation and legal fees when needs change

  • Want to have an autonomous, focused and reputable team with international presence

  • Require a simple open ended B2B service contract


Our business is not to sell you to the investors (although we could), our business is to understand your business and open the doors.

We do a deep-dive research to have a clear outlook of your current situation and market needs.
Next, we create a Workflow addressing your goals and 
allocate Tasks to get there.

And, finally, we help to implement the processes in your company OR represent you to the end client.


Your Company Analysis - Mind Map

  • Looking into your business from the bird's eye view helps to clearly understand where you are and where you should be heading

  • Mind Map helps to have your business on a single page

  • Once ready, we discuss the findings with you

Mind map_edited.jpg


  • Would it be valuable if someone would bring you 100s of Clients to your door?
    That is exactly what we do for you!

  • To reach 100s of leads we set up clearly defined Processes


Task board

  • Each of the Processes are then divided into Tasks

  • The system is later fine tuned and made even more efficient


Working with a client, meetings to bring the business home

  • We take full control from the first message to the meeting, involving you where necessary

  • Winning the deals, collecting client testimonials and referrals this is where we should aim to spend most of our time on


Stage 1 - Your input

To better understand your business we will ask some of the questions. It is absolutely fine not have answers to them all. We will help you to figure them out:

  • What are your current Clients by type?

  • Are there any dream Clients/Wish List?

  • What is your Business Goal and Strategy?

  • Do you have a Market research and Sales Plan?

  • How do you stand out against your competition?

  • What are your current client needs?

  • Do you know where the market is heading?

  • What are your Unique Selling Points?

  • What do think you require to expand your business?

  • What markets are you eyeing and why?


Stage 2 - Analysis

Understanding where do you stand in the market, market conditions.

  • Domestic and International Market overview

  • Your main product and company SWOT analysis

  • Your Client need analysis, discussing their Pains and Gains 

  • Deep market research identifying your key and secondary ICPs (Ideal Client Profile) 

Stage 3 - Consulting​

Open discussion overviewing the findings.

  • This enables us to clearly design the Processes to match your Company's goals
  • We will look into how similar products are seen by the clients today; what their needs are; where would they invest
  • At this point we discuss your CRM, how is it set up, Leads, Opportunities, Stages, contact information stored
  • Your IT equipment to be reviewed for top notch performance 

Stage 4 - Lead Gen + Reason
Lead generation process. This is where the magic happens.
  • We start Lead Gen process by the ICP (i.e. 3-4 different company types)

  • Every single Client gets a hand-crafted REASON explaining why should they be working with you

  • Leads get checked and validated

  • Creation of your Leads DB takes place


Stage 5 - Sales Campaign
We copy-write the marketing material and then contact each Client individually to arrange the meetings.
  • Your marketing material gets reviewed: Presentation, Sales Pitch, Emails to ensure everything is ready

  • Communication goes out

  • We set up meetings for you OR conduct them on your behalf

  • Negotiation process

  • Client Orders, Testimonials, Referrals


  • A System and Know-How that has repeatedly helped to grow business by over 470%* that were merely doing $400k-$700k ARR before.

  • A dedicated, autonomous and experienced Sales Team that has worked with Start-UPs as well as LSE, NYSE, HKSE listed corporates expanding their businesses globally.

  • Over 45 years of Business Development under one roof, supporting multicultural environment.

Our experience stretches in over 70 countries and we have been repeatedly visiting larger part of them as of 2006:

Where would you like to grow?

Thanks! We will get in touch shortly


"..He has always hit his numbers and throughout the years he developed solid and professional relationships with his customers. He is driven and always so positive, ready to help others, a great inspiration to everyone who knows him.."

Frederic Jubin

Sales Director 

Fitch Solutions, London, UK


Our story

Born from a no-brainer: to create a strategy and develop a system that generates repeat business for multiple clients.

Well, it took way more than 10 000 hours. 15 years and literally hundreds of thousands of Air-Miles. Thinking about CO2 emissions requires us to be as efficient and as green as possible. 

All those red-eye flights; torn pants, getting to a meeting on a motorbike taxi in Bangkok.

Hours on the phone and tête-à-tête meetings in nearly all of the continents testing multiple sales techniques, tools to find our own praxis. Sleepless nights in Rome, closing a deal with a Chinese bank to smash that quarter...

Personal touch and quality is above all. That is why we invest time and energy to understand your product and your market, aiming for a "click". Our collaboration can be fruitful only with a mutual interest, sharing the same vision and getting excited by it.

We choose to spend more time talking to your client about your product. Could anyone blame us for that?

The boring stuff

Our team "PRAXIS: GROWTH." is a part of PRAXIS CONSULTA, MB an international partnership company. Our experts are united to build the bridge between the client (You) and the End User.

With the Head Quarters in Vilnius, you can also meet us in Jakarta, Doha or Buenos Aires.



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