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Praxis Energy

Energy security has become of upmost importance to our households, businesses, hospitals, schools and local communities. 

Some require access to sustainable energy, others to more complex systems for energy generation, storage or simply drinking water.

Praxis gathers innovative engineers, equipment manufacturers and constructors who think outside the box to design cost efficient clean energy generation, storage and water purification/desalination systems for governmental institutions, businesses to private households.


If you require an unbiased opinion or a cost efficient way to get your energy up or water cleaned you are in the right place.


Building the future together.



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Solar PV Consulting

How much of energy can you get out of your Roof or Ground? Should I store it?

Rooftop Solar PV estimation

We will provide initial PV layouts, estimated construction costs and recommendations for your project specifically, because each roof is different!

Ground Mount Solar PV estimation

Do you have a field or two that could be utilised for Solar energy generation?

Let us examine the area and advise on project feasibility and estimated generation, risk factors, construction costs.

From initial PV layout to Planning Application - we manage the entire process to reach your energy targets.

Solar Panels

Storage / Hybrid solutions (coming soon)

Why should you store energy, how much will it cost?

If you are going off grid or have no access to the grid, storage/hybrid should be considered.

Storage helps to overcome energy shortage at night when sun does not shine. 

Some storage solutions may be unorthodox, but that is the beauty of ingenuity.

Let's examine the options depending on your situation.

Electric Car Charger

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Praxis Energy is a part of Praxis Consulta MB, headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania. 
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