Business Meeting

From the energy companies, such as Total Eren, Engie, Chevron or Boralex, principal airlines Singapore Airlines, Asiana,  Malaysia Airlines, SriLankan Airlines, to the very first bank in the world Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena to name a few, our partners are on the mission is to identify a client and build strong long lasting relationship. 

Sales is so essential and yet so illusive. Let our team do the heavy lifting for you whilst you focus on manufacturing and creating new products!

No more HR related matters, no more payroll - our team is motivated and ready to support you.

Only one single agreement is all what you need to sail across the horizon!

The service includes but is not limited to:

1.    Market Research and Lead generation 

  • We will start from conducting an initial market research to understand market potential for your product

  • We will work with you to identify you ICP (Ideal Client Profile) we will also look into other possible client groups

  • Then we will generate a list of 25/70/150/300/500+ handpicked contacts - leads

  • This will be the battery for the Lead Generation machine that will bring enquiries, leads and orders

  • Even more so, we will continue recharging the battery each month to ensure you always have prospects in the pipeline

2.    Client engagement

  • Will will then approach these prospects and manage the entire process further by conducting online meetings, running the presentations, objection handling, negotiation, all the way up to signing a contract!

  • Contract will be signed between you and the client directly, whilst we do the Business Development for you

3.    Creative with your brand in mind

To run smoothly, we will review your existing material, and should that be required, create, adapt, or reinvent to better fit the client needs in the region:

  • Presentation 

  • Sales Pitch 

  • 100 word corporate/product profile

  • Objection Handling Q&A – what objections do clients have, and how do you overcome them?

  • Product specific Q&A – list out regular questions with answers

  • Email (Introductory, Follow up) Templates

  • Quote templates, etc

4.    Reporting

Each month you will get a report to ensure you are on track with sales performance and we can address your growing needs in a timely manner:

  • Market sentiment: what does the market say in regards to the product

  • Support required from you

  • Markets to be approached next

  • Any other business

Typical metrics:

  • Prospect to Meeting (PTM) - ratio of prospects contacted vs online meetings arranged 

  • Conversion Ratio (CVR) – ratio of proposals sent vs orders received

  • Average Order Value (AOV)  - average value of all orders during calendar year

  • SV (Sales Velocity) – days from the first contact until the order

  • Revenue vs Monthly/Quarterly/Annual Target - know where we all are.


Should you have additional needs, just let us know!​