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Exquisite and vibrant Pop Art for a sophisticated Private as well as Hotel, Restaurant or Office collections. Personal, warm and individual like a piece of Jazz.


CICA (Linas Cicėnas) 

Since 1990 CICA has been actively involved in creative activity and was chosen to represent the homeland in the 4th Sapporo International Biennale, that has lead the artist to

to numerous exhibitions in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic and of course Lithuania.


His works have become synonymous with expression of POP Art.

Following the exhibitions and recognition, the artworks have been acquired by private collectors as well as corporate collections all over the world.


The artworks of Linas Cicėnas contain many styles, but with time crystallises into the forms of POP Art. CICA declares unlimited creative freedom and attempts to find a strong relationship between form and content.

In his expressive works, the story interconnects with bright colouring and becomes an interesting theatricalised storytelling.


The tendencies of POP Art are emphasised by actively dominating texts. Every piece of work is individualised and has a concrete poetic content.

Often apparent biblical motives reveal that the author brings up and attempts to resolve theological questions.

The theme of cabaret is also apparent, discussing the relationship between a man and the environment, as well as animal motives.


For the artist, the axis of creativity is the coherence between music and visual art. Painting and music is an inseparable duet, which exist only in unity.


Linas Cicėnas (CICA) has graduated with a from College of Technologies and Design 1986 and later 1995 from Academy of Arts, Department of Scenography in Vilnius, Lithuania.



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